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Jeans Rivet

Many people are reading this article. I believe you have to wear jeans. Some may like it very much. Some people do not like it. Some people may wear jeans every day.

Do you see that jeans have small trinkets attached to the jeans pocket corner? Seems to be useless.Or is it a fashion of jeans?

These copper alloy rivets were made by Mr. Jacob W. Davis. He opened a sewing shop in western America. It's time for many to come to Nevada to dig up gold. Many workers wear decaying pants.

Mr. Jacob Davis, who opened the sewing shop and The fabric was ordered from Mr. Levi Strauss, from Germany. To do business on cloth trade and tools.Mr. Levi's Denim Fabric imported from Italy. Hope to sell to the gold digger for the blanket. But they have all the fabric used already.When Mr.Jacob Davis ordered Denim to cut his pants for the workers.The fabric is very durable. It is popular because it is more durable than general trousers.

Jeans Rivet

Panties made of thick Denim. Yes it is resistant to all parts. There are also luggage joints that are usually torn. Because the thick fabric makes it difficult to sew stitches, Mr.Jacob Davis invented a small rivet. And it is attached to the junction of jeans. Mr.Jacob Davis concept is considered to be of a new kind. The jeans are resistant to all sizes and are well received by customers.


Jeans Rivet

Mr.Jacob Davis is partnering with Mr.Levi Strauss, the distributor of Denim Jeans, From 1873 on wards. Rivet these are the parts of almost every jeans around the world. Thanks to Mr.Jacob Davis and Mr.Levi Strauss for innovating for everyone. Today, if the rivets pin is not attached to the corner of the bag. It does not give a sense of jeans