Levi's 501-0000 Shrink to fit (Code: W29-345)

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Jeans Levi's 501
Jeans Levi's 501 Made in USA This item is an old item kept in stock since 1986. Shrink to fit jeans Levi's 501 can be worn both women and men. Is a vintage style jeans Rare Current This product is no longer in stock.

Made in USA Made in USA
Button cuffs 552
1986 Production
Code: 0000 Shrink to fit shrink back washing about 10%
Waist W29 inch, worn by men and women.
Length of L31 by the label.
Beautiful new cloth, never hard through the water.
Paper label is full.
Care labels label gaskets Red Tab is full.
It is very difficult now because Levi's factory in America has shut down.


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