Levi's 20505-0217 USA Orange Tab (Code: W30-341)

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Levi's 20505-0217 Orange tab

Jeans Levi's 20505-0217 The new orange label, Dead Stock, was produced in 1986 in the United States. This condition is considered rare. Levi's jeans are produced outside the United States today. Thousands each. If we want the original Levi's jeans, it must be affordable.

Made in USA
Button 575
Orange tab orange tab
Blue jeans color blue jeans
New label all stick labels.
Waist Size 30 inches
Length 30 inches
Cloth Code 0217 does not shrink.
Levi's Orange Tab was first introduced in 1969. The Orange Tabs have responded to the needs of the hottest teenagers, hipsters and people who love to live in simplicity without the hype and love of psychedelic rock and revolutionary music. Anti-war With the modern design of that era, Orange Tab became a model of street fashion and influenced the attire of teens in that era. If a teenager does not wear jeans, Levi's Orange Tab will lack confidence as not wearing clothes from the house ever.


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