Levi's 20505-0217 Orange tab (Code: W30-342)

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Jeans Levi's 20505-0217  Orange Tab

Jeans Levi's Orange Label Fashion Legends Jeans Teenage Revolt of the 60s Independent Lovers and Freedom From the prototype jeans to the costumes of the working class. Minerals and livestock Go to fashion all the classes.

Levi's Jeans are considered to be the spirit of teenagers in the 60s-80s that adolescents have never missed to wear out of the house. It is a model of true cultural revolution.

Levi's 20505-0217
Made in USA Made in USA
1986 Production
New Product Original Label
Waist 30 inches
Length 30 inches


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    Levi's 501 review

    Jeans Levi's 501 years 1986 (before the black leash)

    This time, I met a senior who kept Levi's 501 Jeans. And I would like to share from this kind brother. So I have a beautiful jeans to get a good review. For Levi's 501 jeans, this is 1986 Made in USA, which is jeans in the age of overlap with Levi's jeans that are going to become Levi's jeans in 1987. That's it. 1986, it may be both. Metal button And black buttons to see each other. 

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    Levi's 501xx jeans in 1992
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  • Include Levi's patch tag, 70s

    Levi's 501 Patch tag

    Levi's Patch 70s

    One piece of Levi's jeans is important. And a prototype of jeans. This is the "Patch Tag" this piece is a size that is appropriate. And stick to the right hand side of the back waist. For Levi's Jeans, it's a registered trademark. We call it "patch tag" or "paper tag"

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  • Review Levi's 20505-0217 Year 1986

    Levi's 20505-0217

    Levi's 20505 details not to be missed!

    Jeans Levi's 20505-0217 was produced in 1986. Now it's older than some people are reading this article. This jeans is the old jeans kept in stock to date. But the condition is still new and looks great. So I took a picture to see the beautiful details of jeans Levi's 20505-0217 this one.

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