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Jeans Levi's 517-0217

Jeans Levi's 517-0217 Black USA is the jeans that hold the "cowboy" for a long time. Do not miss out on the "cowboy" style of jeans. Levi's 517 will be a boot (Boot Cut), which will cover boots. Perfectly And you can truly feel the spirit of "cowboy".

Jeans Levi's 517-0217
Shoe or boot legs.
Fabric Code: 0217 Fabric Rigid 100% cotton. Do not shrink or shrink just a little.
30 inches waist
29 inches
Boot cut
1987 First year of manufacture of black studs and glaze
The earliest black leopard buttons were 1987.
Made in USA
Glazed glaze sign
Red Tab
Care Instruction label 1987


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