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  • How to Choose Levi's Jeans?

    How to Choose Levi's Jeans?

    What Levi's jeans are right for you?

    Levi's jeans many people wonder that he brought to online sale in the second hand jeans. Why is it so expensive to sell? In the store or in the Shop Levi's new, it is not expensive. Sometimes there are promotions to buy 1 get 1, then he sold it to sell it. Why is it that it is expensive to old and old, some of the old fashioned to lose the whole thing. The price is still thousands to the main ten thousand, but I have to buy it again.

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  • Jeans Rivet

    Jeans Rivet

    Jeans Rivet

    Many people are reading this article. I believe you have to wear jeans. Some may like it very much. Some people do not like it. Some people may wear jeans every day.

    Do you see that jeans have small trinkets attached to the jeans pocket corner? Seems to be useless.Or is it a fashion of jeans?

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  • Code behind Levi's Button

    Levi's button #6

    The code is not secret! Code behind Levi's Button

    Levi's Jeans are old jeans. The world's standard and unique to make. New generation jeans. Must be connected to many brands. And one of the symbols of Levi's jeans that many people are very interested in, that is the number of nails on the back of the button. These figures show and indicate what exactly.

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  • Denim Code Levi's

    Denim code levi's

    Do you know denim Levi's?

    Who knows? What are the 4 group numbers at the end of Levi's? For example, "Levi's 501-0000" Some people may already know. And many never knew before. What is the indicator? And is it important? Today we will solve the problem with this number better.

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  • Levi's 501 Button R Long Tail

    Levi's 501 Button R Long Tail

    Levi's 501 Button R Long Tail

    Jeans Levi's 501 usually have some details. Always find you. Even minor details. On the button It allows us to know the time of Levi's jeans 501 and the age of jeans Levi's 501 that very well.

    Jeans Levi's 501 is different from the jeans. Button Fly, which other jeans are zip fly Zip with the unique button of Levi's 501 has not changed over a hundred years. There are some times when trying to change to zip like Levi's 501 Zxx, it is necessary to change the model to Levi's 502 instead and continue to Levi's 501 button to this day.

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