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  • Levi's Bar Tacks

    bar tack levi's

    Levi's Bar Tacks.

    Small parts Levi's Many people use the criteria to identify the age of vintage Jeans Levi's. What jeans are Levi's in that era. How years old. Actually, there are many other components, but this time we will focus on the "Bar Tacks"

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  • Jacob Davis, who gave birth to a rivet jeans.

    Jacob Davis

    Who invented the most durable jeans!

    Jeans The narrator was sewed with Denim fabric. The miners wear work in the period 1853-1871. True, denim fabric thick. It's tough Eat hard. And comfortable to wear both wet and dry. But there are also weaknesses that all jeans must be out of use before they should be. This is the story of Mr. Jacobs Davis sewing jeans. In San Francisco Not calm down with his sewing jeans.

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  • Code behind Levi's Button

    Levi's button #6

    The code is not secret! Code behind Levi's Button

    Levi's Jeans are old jeans. The world's standard and unique to make. New generation jeans. Must be connected to many brands. And one of the symbols of Levi's jeans that many people are very interested in, that is the number of nails on the back of the button. These figures show and indicate what exactly.

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  • Denim Code Levi's

    Denim code levi's

    Do you know denim Levi's?

    Who knows? What are the 4 group numbers at the end of Levi's? For example, "Levi's 501-0000" Some people may already know. And many never knew before. What is the indicator? And is it important? Today we will solve the problem with this number better.

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  • Levi's orange tab is different with the red tab.

    Red Tab & Orange Tab

    LEVI'S ® Red Tab with Orange Tab (Red Tab VS Orange Tab)

    It is very small. It's smaller than your fingernails. But it stands out as elegant. Clear With a piece of cloth One that contrasts with jeans or jeans, it not only indicates the expertise of a quality brand like LEVI'S.

    A piece of red cloth. Classic style attached to the back pocket on the right. It is a symbol of Levi's ®, who will always know the pieces. It is a very powerful mark of the world's leading brands like Levi's.

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