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  • Levi's orange tab is different with the red tab.

    Red Tab & Orange Tab

    LEVI'S ® Red Tab with Orange Tab (Red Tab VS Orange Tab)

    It is very small. It's smaller than your fingernails. But it stands out as elegant. Clear With a piece of cloth One that contrasts with jeans or jeans, it not only indicates the expertise of a quality brand like LEVI'S.

    A piece of red cloth. Classic style attached to the back pocket on the right. It is a symbol of Levi's ®, who will always know the pieces. It is a very powerful mark of the world's leading brands like Levi's.

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  • How to buy used jeans.

    How to select used jeans.

    3 ways to buy Secondhand jeans.

    Used Jeans It is a product that many people like very much. Because jeans second hand. There is a unique format. To be the same brand jeans. Enough as a second hand It's a different kind of pressure. Some of the fading colors. It is difficult to do it. If this is the case, please hurry.

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  • Levi's 80s Patch

    Levi's Patch 1980-1989

    Includes Levi's, 80s Patch

    In the 1980's or 1980-1989, the popularity of Levi's jeans was greeted by customers around the world. And this era has changed the original production line is the red jeans. Changed Denim jeans in 1983. This change itself. Levi's jeans on the red edge is the desire of the Levi's disciples even the jeans jeans. There will be no difference. But many are nostalgic. Jeans on the red edge anyway.

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  • Levi's 501 Button 501

    Levi's button 501

    Levi's 501 with Button numbers 501 or not.

    Classic problem for a long time. For Levi's 501 Jeans, and button number 501  is very controversial with the popular Levi 501 vintage jeans. In this article, I will let you know if Jeans Levi's Button No. 501 is true.

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  • Levi's 501 Jeans

    Levi's 501

    Jeans Levi's 501 Original Jeans

    I know that almost everyone must know the name of the jeans as Levi's. Some people may know that it is the first jeans of the world. And know that the production began with a hundred years ago. But I still do not know the name of the jeans that everyone knows that Mr. Levi Strauss is a manufacturer and patent with Mr.Jacob Davis as the first brand. Of jeans But the number follows. "501" What does it mean and what is it?

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