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  • Levi's Nevada

    levi's 501 navada

    Levi’s 501 “Nevada”

    Used Jeans The most expensive. What do you think is the brand jeans? Levi's 501 "Nevada" jeans are priced as high as $ 42,000.

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  • Review Levi's 501, 1983 "Non selvedge" is the first!

    Levi's non-selvedge

    Levi's 501 non-selvedge first! 1983

    At one point of Levi's Jeans, Levi's jeans lovers must remember many to this day. That was when Jeans Levi's selvedge halted production in 1983, and after that, the regular Levi's jeans changed to jeans. "Levi's 501 non-selvedge "

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  • Jeans 1986 Levi's 501 Review

    Levi's 501 review

    Jeans Levi's 501 years 1986 (before the black leash)

    This time, I met a senior who kept Levi's 501 Jeans. And I would like to share from this kind brother. So I have a beautiful jeans to get a good review. For Levi's 501 jeans, this is 1986 Made in USA, which is jeans in the age of overlap with Levi's jeans that are going to become Levi's jeans in 1987. That's it. 1986, it may be both. Metal button And black buttons to see each other. 

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  • Jacob Davis, who gave birth to a rivet jeans.

    Jacob Davis

    Who invented the most durable jeans!

    Jeans The narrator was sewed with Denim fabric. The miners wear work in the period 1853-1871. True, denim fabric thick. It's tough Eat hard. And comfortable to wear both wet and dry. But there are also weaknesses that all jeans must be out of use before they should be. This is the story of Mr. Jacobs Davis sewing jeans. In San Francisco Not calm down with his sewing jeans.

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  • Jeans Rivet

    Jeans Rivet

    Jeans Rivet

    Many people are reading this article. I believe you have to wear jeans. Some may like it very much. Some people do not like it. Some people may wear jeans every day.

    Do you see that jeans have small trinkets attached to the jeans pocket corner? Seems to be useless.Or is it a fashion of jeans?

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