Levi's 501 denim matt with sand cloth, how to looks?

Jeans Levi's 501 is a jeans with a history of production for more than 100 years, so the brand is ancient. And powerful to this day. With changes over a hundred years. So there are a number of popular groups. The Levi's 501 jeans are "Levi's 501" (traditional) jeans and Levi's 501 jeans are "Levi's 501" sandals. Jeans "Levi's 501 denim matt" and "Levi's 501 sandpaper".

Levi's 501 ผ้าทราย ผ้าด้าน

Because "Levi's 501 denim matt" it lasts longer. First of all, let's say it's a lot more expensive than "Levi's 501 Sandpaper". This is one reason Levi's disciples need to look into. This time we will see how to consider the "Levi's 501 denim matt" and "Levi's 501 sandpaper"

LEVI'S 501 BigE

1. Levi's 501 The red flag must be "Big E" to be written in English like this "LEVI'S". The red flag is placed on Levi's 501 jeans. From the year 1936 to 1970, about 34 years, the "Big E" is attached to the back pocket of jeans Levi's 501 this era is a pure denim.


In 1971, Levi's changed the letters on the Red Tab to the lowercase "Levi's". So, the Levi's 501 was a real leaver. He bought the "LEVI'S 501". It is rare and has little. And the traditional cloth (Note: observe the back pocket is good. To sew a single thread called Single Singles)

Let's see this "Big E" LEVI'S type "LEVI'S 501 denim" do not think much.

Levi's 501 Single

2. Many people flip their hips at the edge of the back pocket. Levi's 501 jeans are in the hands of this "Levi's 501 denim matt", despite the red flag Red Tab is Levi's lowercase letter is not BigE (Big E) because of the thread sewing. The back of the single back pocket (singles) will sew only Big E. But at the end of the Big E era in 1970, Levi's leap year in 1971-1974 (about 3 years), still using denim in the sewing. And how to sew the back pocket is still a single thread like the LEVI'S Big E sure enough (If you see this single thread on the denim of the course)

If it is a red flag Levi's lowercase letter. Look at the back of the bag. If the sewing thread is a single thread in the picture is "Levi's 501 denim matt" of course.

Levi's 501 ลูกโซ่

3. If the lever on the back pocket. The stitches in the picture above. "Levi's 501 sandpaper" is the most fashionable sewing machine in the world.

Yeah! Sewing Used with matt denim. There were also in 1975-1977.

If you have a backpack Then see the back pocket sewing. The "Levi 's 501 sandwich" is a chain. But if it is a matt denim, it must look years between 1975-1977.

ถุงกระเป๋า Levi's 501 ผ้าทราย

ถุงกระเป๋า Levi's 501 ผ้าด้าน

4. Another point to notice is good. If the "Levi's 501 matt denim" is sewn with a brown thread and if it is "Levi's 501 sandpaper" is sewn with a white thread.

Levi's 501 ผ้าด้าน

5. Levi's 501 denim matt will be Fed. The picture above is a solid line of denim, not a fade, like a sandpaper. This change should occur during the production of sand cloth to replace the denim. Make the wearer notice the change in denim when washing and up the Fed. The difference is clear.

Levi's 501 ผ้าทราย

6. Levi's 501 sandpaper We will notice that. The Fed will have details of the blue. Blue jeans alternate with a small white. Soft texture Looks like sand Levi's 501 is a red sand denim produced from 1977-1980. Later, the sandpaper continued to be used in the "Levi's 501 Rim".

If a new hard. It can be observed as well. The image below is offline.

Levi's ผ้าด้านกับผ้าทราย

This article will make many people can distinguish the denim "Levi's 501 denim matt" and "Levi's 501 sandpaper" as well. If something is wrong Thanks for the reply.