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I know that almost everyone must know the name of the jeans as Levi's. Some people may know that it is the first jeans of the world. And know that the production began with a hundred years ago. But I still do not know the name of the jeans that everyone knows that Mr. Levi Strauss is a manufacturer and patent with Mr.Jacob Davis as the first brand. Of jeans But the number follows. "501" What does it mean and what is it?

The LEVI'S Jeans are not only 501, but also a lot. And how are they divided? What is the difference? I'm curious to find out the answer. I have to read it offline.

Levi's 501

 In 1853 Levi Strauss & Co. was born. To produce durable trousers for miners by riveting method. To attach the pieces of pants together. Strengthen the pants. The inventor of this approach is Jacob Davis, a designer who sews jeans that used to buy jeans for Levi's and later. The two have collaborated on how to sew. This patent was registered on May 20, 1873 and today marks the birth of the Blue Jeans.


In 1873, Levi's jeans were not called 501. Overalls Denim was straight jeans, straight leg (Straight) with only 3 pockets on the back, only one bag on the white side.

1986 Overalls Denim XX (Code XX refers to the extra weight and texture of the fabric)

Overalls Denim 501XX is a fabric number supplied from Amoskeag Manufacturing Company and has a watch pocket for the watch. Includes 4 wallets.

In 1902, the Levi's 502XX Levi's 502XX was designed for Levi's 503 A and Levi's 503 B, which is suitable for teens and young adults as well as women. LEVI'S is not available for miners at work anymore.


But when the jeans are sold, why use the code "Levi's 501" because of the birth of jeans. Lot. The first of this world. The first lot is the "501" that comes from the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company. It is the best fabric. In other words, May is the month of labor. "May Day" May 1 is the Labor Day. This is a trousers for workers. The first batch of May (of course) is Lot.501.

                But for those who prefer jeans, it is immediately said that the 501 code is a code Levi's jeans have a history dating back to 1873 and as a model of jeans around the world to the present. Let's see that. The style of jeans "Levi's 501" it is unique.

ป้าย Levi's 501

1. Leather label or gasket on the back of the white. To be brand identity. trademark And models of jeans. Tell the waist width And the length of jeans. This point makes many jeans. Brand must be imitated to this present. For other types of pants. Non-jeans such as pants, pants, trousers, pants, slacks, underwear, I noticed that. I do not see this label at all. In addition to jeans.

กระเป๋าเล็ก Levi's 501

2. Pocket Watch (Pocket Watch) hidden in the pocket on the right. There are many benefits today. Because it is small. It was easy to pick up the hand to find in the pocket jeans deep in the past designed to put the clock. In those days there was no watch.

หมุดย้ำ Levi's 501

3. Rivet at the joints of the bag and parts. Of jeans It is what Jacob Davis invented to make his jeans more durable than regular sewing. The unique jeans that make jeans today have a recurrence of this almost every brand. No, it's not like jeans.

กระดุม Levi's 501

4. Button Fly: Metal buttons for Levi's 501. Button is the first copper metal. And later silver metal. For the top pins on the back of the button, the code will be pinned. Button "Levi's 501" is the first button. And for the zip version is "Levi's 501ZXX" (Zip Fly) and changed to Levi's 502 in the coming years.

Red Tap Levi's 501

5. Red Tab (Red Tab) Behind the side pocket white pants. There must be a small red label with Levi's (LEVI'S or Levi's) attached to it, which is one of the Levi's jeans. 501 is that the first Levi's jeans are not attached. It was not until 1936 that if there was no such small red label at this point. It's nothing to do with jeans. I do not think so. If so, in the picture. It is rare to find it.

ป้าย Care Levi's 501

6. Care label inside the jeans. The details are listed. The washing and cleaning codes and codes such as type of fabric, year of manufacture. Place code (must match the code behind the top button) and indicate the size of the jeans. (Must match with gasket or leather label)

กระเป๋าด้านหน้าของ Levi's 501

7. Two front pockets in the picture, it will be suitable for jeans. Only offline. For other fabric pants. If it's a sewing bag, it still does not look like jeans. Or to put on another pair of jeans like a pocket attached to the seams like slacks. It does not look like jeans anymore anyway.

กระเป๋าหลัง Levi's 501

8. Arcuate Stitch (Two Arcuate Stitch) with diamond cut in the middle. This is the unique jeans Levi's 501 because of the current jeans almost all brands. It has two back pockets and a 5-sided pattern may be different designs on the bag. I'm sure you like it. If it's a design that's big or small, it's not beautiful. The timeless Levi's 501 is offline.

                In conclusion, these elements of Levi's 501 are the prototype of today's many jeans. The Levi's 501 jeans will be the most unique and unique design of the brand. Because if none of these elements. It does not look like jeans. The reader is really offline. And then I saw that Levi's code is 502 in it as well, so let's go to the next article.

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