How to see Levi's 501 USA 1986 really?

Jeans Levi's 501 is a popular jeans from around the world. With a lot of popularity there are businessmen who make fake jeans Levi's 501. To sell the race with the copyright owner. Especially jeans. Jeans Big E and red line.

Today I will introduce The first look of Levi's 501 USA jeans in 1986. What's the real?

Jeans Levi's 501 USA in 1986, this is a jeans that are not sold in department stores. Cause Levi's 501 stopped production in 1986. Levi's 501 is still very new. Tag and details are all complete. So we can consider. Authenticity is not difficult. But those who do not have the skill or never wear jeans Levi's 501 before. Cannot they consider Levi's 501 USA real?

Levi's 501 USA 1986 really


How to consider Levi's 501 USA 1986 really?

  1. From the picture above, the yellow circle number 501 must match the paper tag on the back of the jeans. If you buy Levi's 501 Jeans, you will find that the figure in the yellow circle is 505 or another number. Assume that the Levi's jeans. The 501 you hold in your hand is fake.
  2. The blue circle on the image indicates the size of the Levi's jeans. 501 W28 means the 28-inch waist and the L31 represents the 31-inch length between the paper tag and the Care Instruction tag. If the number does not match the jeans seems to be almost 100%
  3. The red circle is the number that identifies the Levi's manufacturing plant code in the USA. Levi's 501 jeans are numbered It must match the number on the back of the top button. If you do not agree that you can get Levi's fake or Levi's 501 not produced in the United States.(Note: Font 553 is correct If hit stamping smaller or bigger, the image may be fake as well.) 
  4. The last point that many people are wondering how to know is the Levi's 501 USA jeans. Notice the gasket above the letter W28 to see the word Made in U.S.A red. If the jeans are produced outside the United States, there will be no words Made in U.S.A. at the paper tag.Levi's 501 USA 1986 really 

Oh! If this paper tag It's gone. How to see? This is the number behind the button. How to code Match factory codes produced in the United States? If this is the number 553 that is Made in U.S.A

How to see Levi's 501. This baseline will be able to see the Levi's 501 during the 80's, which at approximately each time. Details are subject to change.

End the how to see Levi's 501 USA 1986 real? If there are other Levi's jeans, it is recommended to watch again. Thanks for reading.