Levi's 501 Used Jeans W35L34 Egypt
Levi's 501 Used Jeans W35L34 Egypt

Levi's 501 Used Jeans

Authentic second-hand Levi's 501 jeans W35L34 Egypt are classic jeans that have been popular for a long time. These jeans are made in Egypt. Using good quality denim fabric. It is highly durable, comfortable to wear and fits your body well.

Genuine second hand Levi's 501 jeans W35L34 Egypt. Details are as follows.

  • Waist size: W35, actual measurement is 35 inches.
  • Length size: L34, actual measurement from crotch is 33 inches.
  • Whole body length: 43 inches
  • Brand: Levi's
  • Lot.: 501
  • Condition: Used, good condition
  • Country of manufacture: Egypt

Jeans Levi's 501 second hand, genuine W35L34 Egypt

Features of Levi's 501 jeans, second hand, authentic, W35L34 Egypt

  • Good quality denim. Highly durable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Fits perfectly with the shape
  • Classic style

Maintaining second-hand Levi's 501 jeans, genuine W35L34 Egypt

  • It is recommended to wash with a washing machine, spin, and dry.
  • You can wash your hands normally. If there is no washing machine?
  • Should be turned inside out before washing.
  • Should be dried in the shade or with a draft.
  • Avoid drying in areas with strong sunlight.

Cleaning genuine used Levi's 501 jeans W35L34 Egypt

  • If jeans have stains Use a soft brush to brush it off gently.
  • If your jeans have wrinkles Use a steam iron to gently iron.

Extending the lifespan of genuine used Levi's 501 jeans W35L34 Egypt

  • Jeans should be washed as little as possible.
  • Avoid drying jeans while in bright sunlight as it will cause the color to fade.
  • You should avoid wearing jeans for several days.

Genuine used Levi's 501 jeans W35L34 Egypt. They are good quality jeans, comfortable to wear, and fit snugly to the body. Suitable for those who like classic jeans. These jeans can be worn on any occasion. and can be worn for many years without losing its shape

กางเกงยีนส์ลีวายส์ 501 มือสองของแท้

Used jeans Levi's 501, genuine, good condition.

กางเกงยีนส์ Levi's 501 มือสองของแท้

Genuine used Levi's Levi's 501 Made in Egypt. The color is still beautiful on both the front and back.

ป้าย Red Tab Levi's 501 มือสอง

Red Tab Levi's 501 label, used, genuine, Made in Egypt, contrasting with the beautiful bleached denim fabric.

ป้ายปะเก็น Levi's 501 มือสอง

Levi's 501 gasket label specifies size W35 L34, new logo label, big horse.

กระดุม Levi's 501 มือสอง

Levi's 501 buttons are stamped with the production factory code in Egypt, Egypt code 3757, matching the care label.

ป้ายแคร์ Levi's 501 มือสอง

Care tag inside indicates the production location, Made in Egypt, Egypt.

ป้ายแคร์ Levi's 501 มือสอง

Levi's 501 care tag indicates fabric type 0193, year of manufacture in the 24th week of 2013, production factory code 3757, matching the top button.

Here are some tips for buying used Levi's 501 jeans.

  • Make sure the size is right for you. Please measure your waist and leg length before making a purchase.
  • Choose jeans that are in good condition. There are minimal traces of use.
  • If it is torn jeans, stained jeans, you should choose according to your own style, preferences, and style of dressing.
  • Choose jeans that have complete labels, such as brand name tags, size tags, country of origin labels.

May you enjoy wearing these authentic second-hand Levi's 501 jeans W35L34 Egypt.