How to see Levi's care instruction label since 1987-1994

This time we will come to see the care instruction labels that many people are familiar with. And often see each other often. That is the care instruction label "Bat Wings" Started with Levi's jeans during the years 1987 - 1994. Made to be used in 2 colors, red and black. Let's see the details better than what the batting care instruction label in the 80s-90s has. What's interesting?

Levi's Care instruction label 1987

I have a picture for you to see. The beginning in 1988, since 1987, is rare because it is the time of overlapping care instruction labels.

The image above is the Care instruction label of Levi's "Bat Wing" that was produced in 1988/09.

Levi's Care instruction label 1990


Levi's Care instruction label 1991

Levi's Care instruction label 1992

If we observe the texture of the label, it will be seen as a fiber. Harmonize and have a white film coating. It does not cause skin irritation. All details within the label are screened or printed with color.

The fact that we can know the details of Levi's jeans care instruction labels can make you know how old jeans are. For the Levi label, "Black Bat Wings" will be used in 1991 in conjunction with the Red Bat Wings.

This type of label will be found during the year 1987 - 1994.