Levi Strauss, who gave birth to blue jeans.

California had much news about gold this year. In 1848, more than 300,000 immigrants arrived in California. Previously, gold could be found on the ground, he had to dig or float from the river. And the mining company's investment process is a great wealth industry.

Levi Strauss

Levi Strauss is a German who travels to America. Do business with him. Arrived in San Francisco, 2396 brought equipment from Europe to sell to find gold. Main products are clothing and denim. Produced in Genoa, Italy for crew and traveling through France to England. The French called the Genoese accent "Genes".
And called the jeans from the city of Shannon "Sheen" (Jean)


When Mr. Levi Strauss arrives, there is great hope Denim (Jean) can sell well. To make people tents For shopping carts or tents. But expect them to have a canvas for all those things. Levi Strauss sells Jean clothes for sewing into clothes. Especially sewing pants. Jeans are called "Jeans" French, but because denim is a thick fabric, durable, comfortable to wear. Jeans sewn with Denim fabric. Selling thick denim of sewing pants is difficult. Especially pocket corner. When workers wear to work, they make it easy to tear.
There is a clothing manufacturer named Jacob Davis, who invents rivets with metal and pegged at the corners. Jeans are strong, the other sewing on the sewing jeans to customers immensely Mr. Jacob Davis sent a letter to Levi Strauss to carry on a patent he received from Levi Strauss in the year.. Started from the brand of LEVI'S