Who invented the most durable jeans!

Jeans The narrator was sewed with Denim fabric. The miners wear work in the period 1853-1871. True, denim fabric thick. It's tough Eat hard. And comfortable to wear both wet and dry. But there are also weaknesses that all jeans must be out of use before they should be. This is the story of Mr. Jacobs Davis sewing jeans. In San Francisco Not calm down with his sewing jeans.


Jacob Davis
Mr.Jacob Davis

 Jacob Davis

One day at a small garment shop of Jacob Jacob Davis in downtown San Francisco. One woman came to the shop to hire a tailor. To her husband at work, mine Because the pants are worn regularly. She was so exhausted she wanted Mr. Jacob Davis to sew the pants that were more durable than the regular pants before she offered the deposit. And walk back


Mr. Jacob Davis tried to find the fabric. To be cut into pants for this customer. He met Levi Strauss, a merchant from Germany. And Denim fabric from Europe to sell to the pioneers. When Jacob Jacob Davis considered denim fabric. He bought a denim fabric from Mr. Levi Strauss and cut it into pants.

Denim has been used by European sailors before. Jacobs Davis thinks strength is enough for miners. When Jacob Jacob Davis cut his pants with Denim. I know it's not easy to think. Because Denim fabric is very thick. And when to add the pockets to the pants. Remember, sewing is difficult, but Mr. Jacobs Davis cuts Denim pants, called "Jeans". From Italy Europeans call it "Jean" (Jean)


The jeans that Jacob Jacob Davis sewed to the first customer. Used to work in the mine, many miners are interested in and ordered to cut a lot. Due to the durability of the fabric and comfortable to dust. But when everyone wears for a while. It found that the joints of jeans. And the jeans are not easy. The thickness of the joints. It makes stitching difficult.

Jacobs Davis thought of ways to keep his jeans healthy. Mr. Jacobs noted that the saddle would have a rivet attached to the leather. The rivet pinned to the jeans he cut up. Use a rivet to peel the thick joints such as pants and pant leg corner.

Of course it works. Jeans, Jacquard Davis sewing the customer with a rivet. It is strong and durable. The other sewing shop is used for a long time. Other sewing shop It is almost a typical example.

Rivets Jeans Levi's

Mr. Jacob Davis thought that the rivets, what he invented and invented, should be the property that benefits his only. Other tailors Should not imitate Mr. Jacob Davis thought to have his ruling patent, but because he was a tailor. One can not find much profit from the rupees. He decided to write a letter to Levi Strauss, a businessman and merchant. Selling Denim clothes to him. And to cooperate in patenting this ruling together.

Of course, merchants and businessmen like Levi Strauss see a lot of profits. He agreed with Mr. Jacobs Davis and retired the jeans together, which the lawyer has protected. Therefore, the sewing of other jeans can not be used. Until the patent expires, it's almost 20 years old.

And since then, LEVI'S Levi's Jeans have to be riveted to every one.