Used Levi's 501 Haiti W34L32
Used Levi's 501 Haiti W34L32

Levi's 501 Made in Haiti

Second-hand jeans Levi's 501 Made in Haiti. Waist 34 inches, leg length 32 inches, exactly as on the label (W34L32). No trimming. Makes these second-hand jeans look original. The color of these second-hand jeans is brightly bleached all over.

Features of this jeans

  • Brand : Levi's
  • Lot. : 501
  • Denim fabric code : 0193 Blue jeans bleached fabric, 14 ounces, no stretch, 100% Cotton.
  • Size : W34 
  • Size : L32 
  • Country of manufacture: Made in Haiti.
  • Condition: Second hand used
  • Defects: The color is faded and there are stains in some areas. Suitable for those who like the traditional style.

Levi's 501 W34L32 Haiti

Second-hand jeans from the front full-body photo. The bleached color is bright. Combined with use, these second-hand jeans have uneven color fading and some parts have dirt stains.

Levi's 501 W34L32 Haiti

The back of this used pair of Levi's 501 jeans shows signs of a pre-washed blue denim shade. and has been used causing the color to be uneven throughout the body Suitable for those who like this genre.

ป้ายปะเก็น Levi's 501

Brown gasket label, Levi's logo, old model, small horse, printed number Lot. 501, black, specified size W34 L32.

ป้าย Red Tab Levi's

Original Levi's ® Red Tab label.

กระดุม Levi's 501 หมายเลข 4355

The button is stamped with code 4355, which is the production factory code in Haiti.

ป้าย Care Instruction Tag Levi's 501

Care Instruction Tag indicates Lot.501, fabric code 0193

Year of production, week 04, year 2010

ป้าย Care Instruction Tag Levi's 501

The Care Instruction Tag states Made in Haiti, size 34x32, matching the label on the back of the gasket.

ป้าย Levi's 501 Original

Label inside the edge of Levi's 501 Original pants.

ป้าย Levi's 501 Bat Wings

Label inside has red Bat Wings Levi's logo.

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