Levi's 501 Mexico W32L33
Levi's 501 Maxico W32L33

Used Jeansza Levi's 501 Made in Mexico

Genuine second-hand jeans Levi's 501, legendary fabric code 0000 STF, beautiful fabric, dark faded color, beautiful faded seams, fully open, thick rails. This one has white marks. It can be worn as a beautiful Paint Work style for people who like this style.

Details of this jeans

  • Brand : Levi's®
  • Lot. : 501
  • Denim code : 0000 STF 100% COTTON
  • Button code : 4032
  • Place of production: Made in Mexico
  • Waist size: W32 (actual measurement 32 inches)
  • Length size: L33 (actual measurement 30 inches)
  • Year of production: Week 09, 2009
  • Defect: There are paint stains from use by the previous owner.

Used jeans Levi's 501 Mexico W32L33

ภาพกางเกงยีนส์ Levi's 501 อีกครั้งที่รอยเฟดเก่าสวยๆ ตะเข็บเปิดทั้ง 2 ข้างเฟดสวยเต็มรางปลายขาเดิม กระดุมสีเงินด้านหน้า 5 จำนวนเม็ดมีรอยเปรอะเปื้อนสีขาวตามภาพ

Used jeans Levi's 501 Mexico W32L33

Condition of second-hand Levi's 501 jeans, original faded color from STF denim, code 0000, beautiful faded condition. There is a white stain on the back.

Red Tab Levi's 501

Original Red Tab condition, beautiful Levi's®

Brown gasket label on the back Traditional logo Levi's

Brown gasket label on the back Traditional logo, Little Horse, printed with number Lot. 501, black.

Specify waist size and length W32 L33

Levi's button code 4032

The code stamped on the back of the button is 4032, the production factory code in Mexico. Same as the Care Instruction label.

Levi's 501 Care instruction

Label inside the edge of jeans LEVI'S ORIGINAL 501.


Levi's 501 Care instruction

Care label Instruction inside the seam of Levi's 501 jeans states 100% COTTON WPL 423.

Levi's 501 Care instruction

The back label Care Instruction W32 L33 matches the gasket label on the back.

00501-0000  Specify Lot. 501, fabric code 0000 STF.

0909 Production Week 09 Year 2009

4032 Manufacturing plant code in Mexico

Silver lining

Used jeans Levi's 501

Fade the fabric and fade the beautiful seams. There are stains and stains according to use.

Used jeans Levi's 501

Rice-colored stain on the front leg of jeans

Used jeans Levi's 501

white stain On the back leg area of second-hand Levi's 501 jeans.

Details as shown in the picture For people who like Paint work

People who accept this type of paint stain, please consider before ordering.