6 steps to see Levi's care label.

Levi's 501 jeans and other models will have one important point that many people use to check the authenticity of Levi's jeans or counterfeit jeans. More important than that Can indicate the details of the jeans as well The important point of this is "Care instruction tag". We have a few simple steps. To check the details of the following Levi's jeans.

ป้ายแคร์ Levi's

What is a care label? If many people still have this question Will explain that the care label is a label, care advice Which is often attached to all clothes For us to see, for example, do not iron with high heat, do not wash with hot water, etc

With the care instruction label of a small sign that sneaks into the inside of the clothes Often have more details added to identify details For manufacturers and for detail to customers More than care.


For Levi's jeans as well, the inside of the jeans will have a small sheet of fabric. Sticking to each other, a small cloth label called the "Care Label", the care label of the Levi's jeans will change according to the era, which will not be the same in each era, with the early era being used to print as well. Ink in the bag inside the bag, jeans And gradually changed to a small care label Sew in the seams, jeans inside. And changed the pattern continuously Until the present form.

For care labels, the current Levi's jeans that we can buy online at shopping centers and dealers Will look like in the picture Which started using this kind of care label since 2012, which has been many years since Let's try to see that the care label. What will this look like? 

ป้ายแคร์ Levi's 501 

  1. Purple line This group of numbers will tell what version of Levi's jeans. An example of the underlined image is the 501 model and followed by the fabric code 0008.
  2. The red line is the number that indicates the year of production. CW-1816 means produced in the 18th week of 2016.
  3. The blue line under this group number must match the back of the top button. Try turning over the back of the button. Must have this number nailed (There may not. That does not matter.) The importance of this group number is Number indicating the place of production Or manufacturing factory.
  4. The yellow line is the number that indicates the size of the waist. The W30 is a waist size of 30 inches. When multiplied by 2.54 centimeters (30x2.54 = 76.2), it is equal to 76.2 centimeters. Therefore, the number 76 is the size of the waist that is specified in centimeters. (76cm)
  5. The green line is the number that indicates the size of the hips. The unit is centimeter from the picture is 92cm.
  6. More pictures below Is the country that is produced such as MADE IN U.S.A.

ดูป้ายแคร์ Levi's

For how to look at this Levi's care label, it doesn't include the old Levi's jeans that are vintage jeans. There will be different forms of care labels in each era. Which I will bring to watch again next time.