Major changes in 2 horses logo.

There are many people who have never noticed that Levi's jeans have "brown" patches that changed from the original. The trademark "2 Horses" that we are familiar with for a long time until I do not remember how it changed. This time I have pictures of changes. These two horses come to watch. In the past, if you notice well Will find that these two horses are completely different.

2 horse patch

If you wear Levi's jeans for a long time, you will be familiar with the label of 2 horses as well.Which was invented since 1886. In 1955, Levi's 501 jeans changed the "Patch" trademark from brown cow leather to paper labels and printed the trademark 2 horses which we call "gaskets".

From then on, we were familiar with Levi's 501 jeans, a brown gasket label with a trademark of 2 horses. The shape has changed dramatically. We try to see the picture to compare.

small 2 horse

The picture of the top gasket label Is a trademark label of Levi's 501 produced in 2011, allowing you to observe the size of both horses and other details To compare with the image below Like this, I will call it "Small horse sign"

big 2 horse

The following picture shows the patch 2 horses gasket of the Levi's 501 jeans in 2013. Notice that the graphics. The horse is so large that it looks full of the signs. And various details It looks more modern, cleaner, but I feel that it doesn't give much "vintage". This label I call it "Big Horse Sign"


Detailed changes in the patch label of this Levi's jeans.
I found that the year 2012 will find both signs like this "Small Horse Sign VS Big Horse Sign".

But in 2013, the logo used "Big Horse Sign" because I do not know whether or not in 2013 the trademark "small Horse" is produced or co-produced in 2013 or not.

If you have Lee Yee's jeans then notice that they have labels. "small horse or big horse" and what year did they produce?


Small horse gasket label Production from 1955 - 2012 (Note: this small horse badge In each era, there will be a change in the details in the label as well).

Large horse gasket label Produced from 2012 to the present.