How to look at the care label of Levi's jeans.

Originally, Levi's 501 jeans do not have care labels attached to the inside of jeans as they are today. Identifying the details of jeans and how to take care, it uses a small amount of text to print on the inside of the jeans pocket. Which was found to be printed on the bag in the last year is 1972-1973. That means 1973 is the first year in the use of care instruction labels or someone called care tag.We come to see the details better. Just have a photo in 1974.

Care instruction levi's 1974

The image above is labeled Care (Care instruction label) Levi's 501 jeans. We look at the details according to the numbers that make the frame color better. What does it mean?

Green frame: Lot. 501 (Levi's 501 jeans).

Blue frame: is produced in November.

Red frame: is produced in 1974.

Yellow frame: is the production location code Must match the number nailed after the top button.

Note: Other considerations include the red side seam, the Red Levi's "Small Tab", the lowercase e, the inner back pocket, single thread stitching.

Care instruction levi's 1977

Reading care labels Levi's jeans, 1977, are similar to the care label 1974, but have switched positions. The production year is the number 7 to the back. Which is not strange, because in the past, there may be a wrong position in the printing process For this care label, the 501 number is the Lot number. The next group is 5 6 7, meaning that it is produced in the year 5, 1977. The number 6 in the middle is Production location code Which corresponds to the number that is stamped behind the top button Which must observe the numbers behind the buttons together.


Care instruction levi's 1978

From the image above is labeled care Levi's 501 jeans produced in the year 10, 1978. Button number 6 is the location code produced in the United States.

Care instruction levi's 1979

The picture above read the label care that Levi's 501 jeans produced in month 5 years 1979 button number 6 produced in the United States waist W34 inches length from the target L31 inches.

Care instruction levi's 1980

How to read care labels Levi's jeans from the image above is Levi's 501, produced in month, 5 years, 1980. Button number 6 is produced in USA.

Care instruction levi's 1981-1982

Care label on the left side is Levi's 501 jeans produced in month,10 years 1981, nailed buttons 524 manufactured in the USA.

Care label on the white side is Levi's 501 jeans produced in the month, 1 year 1982 studs number 524 produced in the USA.

Care instruction levi's 1983

From the picture, the top is Levi's 501 jeans produced in month, 5 years 1983, buttons number 524, manufactured in the USA.

Care labels like this are small, sewn on the seam, jeans on the left, near the bag, jeans bag. This care sign pattern will end in 1983, since 1984 has a new care label different from now.

Care Label, 1973-1983, if observed You will see details that cannot be copied.
That is, the paper texture of the care label has a small fiber. Harmonize like mulberry paper Which gives strength and softness without irritating the skin when we wear jeans
The paper texture of this care label will not make us feel a annoyed.
I try to enlarge the image for you to see the paper texture, care label, Levi's jeans, this style for you to watch together. And would like to remember the texture of this kind of care label Will not find fake Because Levi's 501 vintage jeans, year 1973-1983, have a higher price than the current Levi's 501 jeans.

ป้ายแคร์ Levi's 501 ของแท้

The picture above shows the paper surface of 501 jeans of Levi's care label during the year 1973-1983. See that white fibers are clear and cannot be forged.

Care label Levi's 501 jeans, this type will be produced during the years 1973-1983, which is the range of Levi's 501 jeans, red line (e), small.