How do you consider authentic Levi's 501 selvedge jeans?

Levi's 501 red jeans are still something that many people want today, until the Levi's company has produced LVC to meet the needs of this group of customers in particular. But many people are still fascinated with the Levi's 501 jeans, the old red line is no less And Levi's 501 old-fashioned red jeans There will be counterfeits for a long time.

In the 90s, Levi's 501 red line jeans began to be what many people want. Because the production line has gradually closed down Along with the arrival of Levi's 501 "non selvage red line" Causing Levi's 501 red line jeans to rare and the price is very high Especially the Levi's 501 red line jeans "Big E"

But in this article and photo this will be the Levi's 501 red jeans that were produced in 1974.Is the range of "small e" but "single" like the era of "Big E".We come to see the details of jeans, Levi's 501 red rim, this one is better.So that you can distinguish If found a fake Levi's 501 red line.

Levi''s 501 ริมแดงแท้

From the picture above, you can see the shape of Levi's 501 red jeans clearly both on the front and back side. If looking at images of this nature You can see that the seam of the jeans legs are twisted away from the left leg, the seams are twisted to the front. For the right leg, the seam will be twisted to the back. Which is caused by the shrinkage of the fabric Natural denim.The seam will rise clearly as a long way as in the picture. If the pants are used long time.But the Levi's 501 red line are fake. It has evolved and twisting the seams to look like the original as well.You have to consider other parts of the jeans more.

ป้ายปะเก็น Levi's 501 ริมแดง 1974 

Next, we come to see another important point is the trademark paper tag of Levi's 501 Jeans in 1974. This paper tag is used as in the picture.
If you find Levi's 501 red line, 1974, then can be compared. That printing various proportions Is the image identical and identical? For example, the last XX (double X) on the right hand side. Is it aligned with the corner of the "ORIGINAL RIVETED" sign? If wrong position from now on First assumed that the sign is not genuine. Or some people may find a leather label It is possible that the label is not a genuine letter 501 must use black ink. And above the 501 number, there will be a black letter "CARE INSTRUCTION INSIDE GARMENT" The number indicating the size, such as in the picture, is W 34. The numbers are printed with black ink. Is the size of the waist and L34 numbers must also be printed in black ink, is the size of the length that must be measured from the crotch of the jeans to the tip of the jeans.


ป้ายแคร์กางเกงยีนส์ Levi's 501 ริมแดงแท้

The picture above is the "Care instruction Label". This is something that a Levi's 501 red line can't fake. If you find Levi's 501 red line, look at the care instruction label inside the jeans. Which will sew to the seam of the jeans inside, near the left pocket. This care label is very small. And the paper will be white fibers As in the picture that I expanded to watch. If you use a magnifying glass to look, there must be paper like in the picture. If not in the picture, it might be a fake Levi's 501 Red line 1974.

ป้ายแคร์ Levi's 501 ริมแดงแท้

The picture above shows a care instruciton label on one side of the Levi's 501 jeans. The authentic red line edge must be paper like in the picture. And type the characters in black ink.

ป้ายแคร์ Levi's 501 ริมแดงแท้

The picture shown above is the Levi's 501 red jeans care label on the other side, which is printed with black ink. For example, 501 is the model name or Lot.501. The bottom group number is very important when looking at the age of This jeans is number 11, meaning that this red rim jeans were produced in November. The next number is 4, meaning that this jeans were produced in 1974. The last number is the number 6. Is the number of the code that produces jeans in America.

ป้าย Red Tab Levi's 501 ริมแดง 1974

The picture above shows the Red Tab label of the Levi's 501 jeans. red line, 1974. A small red label. This will be an indication that the jeans are "Big E" or "Small e" for this jeans, not "Big E", of course because Jeans Levi's 501 Red line "Big E" discontinued since 1970.

Another important point is Sewing at the corners of the top back pocket Will use black yarn to sew around the corner of the bag, we call it "black bar". In the olden days, this would be a hidden black thread called "black bar hidden", which would not see the black yarn clearly Sometimes you have to flip the inside so you can see the black thread clearly, but in the later years there will be a "black bar" which will notice the black yarn clearly from the outside.

กระเป๋าหลัง Levi's 501 ริมแดงแท้ 

Denim As you can see in Levi's 501 red jeans, authentic 1974, this is denim. Which we call matt cloth Because the fading will not appear as grains of sand, there will be lines and stripes in the picture.

Levi's 501 ริมแดงแท้ ซิงเกิ้ล

The specialty of Levi's 501 jeans, this true red line. Will sew on the back of the bag When turning over the inside of the bag Will see the stitching in a single thread "Single" 2 rows, special is sewn like this with Levi's 501 jeans, red line "Big E" which later sewn at this mouth Will change to a chain stitching.

กระดุม Levi's 501 ริมแดงแท้

The picture above is the button on the top of the Levi's 501 jeans. Red line real, I have taken and enlarged the picture for you to see clearly. If you find Levi's 501 red line jeans during the 70s, try to compare them. Will be a silver-coated metal.

กระดุมเลข 6 Levi's 501 ริมแดงแท้

The picture above, I flip the button to see the back to see the number clearly bumped. The number must be the image that the head number 6 will be a circle in the image for Levi's 501 real red line.

กระดุม Levi's 501 ริมแดงแท้

Next, there are button beads at the front for closing at the crotch instead of the zipper. Buttons are smaller than the top grain. With distinct stars to clearly distinguish from the top button.

กระดุมไข่ปลา Levi's 501ริมแดง

If you look at the pins on the back of other buttons Will notice the grainy pattern Obviously not clear Many people call it "Roe Pattern" which I have enlarged the picture to see clearly. It is a diamond pattern. Likely caused by the hammer, which has been printed to prevent slip In this part, it will be somewhat clear, not clear, but Levi's 501 most red line border will be seen.

หมุดย้ำ Levi's 501 ริมแดงแท้

The picture above is the rivet of Levi's 501. The authentic red line that is Levi's (L.S. & CO-S.F).

หมุดย้ำ Levi's 501 ริมแดง 1974

The rivet inside the jeans of Levi's 501 of red line. The metal is engraved with the aluminum letters of the Levi's company as well.

ถุงกระเป๋า Levi's 501 ริมแดงแท้

Pictured above is the bag of jeans of Levi's 501 Red line real, 1974. The color of the bag is slightly brown. Not bright white The thread that is sewn is orange-brown.

Levi's 501 ริมแดงแท้

Important part to indicate your jeans are Levi's 501 red line with white stripes. In fact, the white stripe has a little red line in the center. We say that the red line border of Levi's 501, but because of the 1974 jeans.

Levi's 501 ริมแดงแท้

The seam of Levi's 501 jeans in bright red line is as sharp and sharp as the picture. The Fed will be a long, clear, beautiful. Many people are fascinated by the Levi's 501. The edge is at this seam as well.

Levi's 501 ริมแดง 1974

Finish with the fabric of jeans, Levi's 501 real red line, 1974, which is the early denim fabric that is the same as Big E is the side fabric, which will fade the stripes into fabric Down like in the picture, truly beautiful and charming, vintage style.

I finished the article Levi's 501. Red line. How to look? Just this much Because the details you see in the picture Can enable you to distinguish jeans, 1974, Levi''s 501 red line, authentic - fake, for sure If you remember the details in this article by heart.