How to see Levi's care label 1986-1987

Levi's Care label (Care instruction label) Is part that many people use to see To determine whether the Levi's jeans are genuine or fake and which country? What production year? But it is only one component. Because sometimes Levi's jeans, especially secondhand Maintenance care labels often disappear. For this article, you will be able to watch the care labels of Levi's jeans produced during the years 1986-1987.

Care instruction levi's 1986

From the image of  Levi's care instruction label on the top, I have already made a detailed description of the image. The blue frame is W30 L30, the waist size is 30 inches, the length from the target is 30 inches (must match the back patch).

Green frame is model 505, fabric code 0217

The red frame is the location code. The number 575 is the production location in the United States. And must be stamp on the back of the top grain button

The orange frame is the number 086, meaning that it was produced in the month 8, year 1986.


Care instruction levi's 1987 

From the image of Levi's care instruction label on the blue frame, which is Levi's 501 jeans, fabric code 0000 is calico

The orange frame is the number 546, the number that is nailed on the back of the top button. To specify the production location

The red frame is the number 127, meaning 12 months production, 1987.