Levi's 501 Selvage 1981s

In addition to Levi's 501 "Big E" jeans, the old years "Levi's 501 Selvage Red line" Non Big E There are many people who are interested. And want to occupy. "Levi's 501 Selvage Red line" jeans that are non Big E will be in the 70s-80s.

This jeans is Levi's 501 jeans, red line, 1981s It's almost 40 years old. The condition is still perfectly beautiful. Even though the patch on the back is missing. But it still gives the feeling of being full of vintage.

Levi's 501 ปี 1981

If considering the shape of this the Levi's 501 selvage red line. It is Levi's 501 standard jeans. Denim in the past will have a lot of contractions. When the fabric is washed from water Or heat drying Will cause 1-2 inch contractions. The highlight of Levi's 501 selvage is the side of the seam. When the yarn of the fabric shrinks, causing the seam to twist from the side. Considering the image The left leg pants will twist to the front. And the right leg pants The seams are twisted to the back. The fading of the seams, the pants are long, sharp and very clear. All of the above will happen naturally by Levi's 501 jeans.

Red Tab Levi's 501 ปี 1981

This kind of Red Tab is a label that is not "Big E". Notice that "small e" Another important detail is Levi's in the red tab will use the white paint method on this little red cloth. For a long time, there will be some peeling off. There are people who know about Levi's jeans. Screen printing method like this Started in the mid 1970s and was discontinued in the late 1980s If anyone sees Levi's jeans at the red tab, use this screen print. Can guess whether the jeans are old or not.


Black bar Levi's 501 ปี 1981

The back of the Levi's 501 jeans will use a black thread to sew clearly. Many people call this detail "Black bar".

Button No.524

The back of the top button Will be numbered for the production code For this is code 524 which is produced in the USA. Notice that The font number of numbers 4 On top, there will be a space that does not stick together. Which can be found both Levi's salvage and Levi's non selvage. But still has Levi's jeans which buttons 524 at font number 4. Will have a top that is adjacent. Which can be found only Levi's jeans the "non selvage red line" only. If found in Levi's 501 selvage red line. Wondering if it might be a fake.

Care instruction label Levi's 501

Care label (care instructions label) 70s-80s will be paper like in the picture For the care label in the picture, the other end will come out from the sewing thread, which is actually the label that is folded and sewn into the inner seam. Will see many numbers. We can tell the age of this Levi's 501 jeans from this care instruction label. Such as number 8 1 524 M This group number is said to be produced in the month 8, 1981. The location code for production 524 is produced in the United States.

Upper button Levi's 501

The front button is a silver metal stamped abbreviated "LEVI STRAUSS & CO-SF.CAL"

button Levi's 501

For later buttons, there will be a slightly smaller size. There is the letter "LEVI STRAUSS & CO" and has a star image in the picture.

ิbutton levi's 501

The back of the button that is well observed will be scratched. Most have all the clear trenches.

inside rivet Levi's 501

The inner rivets of the Levi's 501 jeans, red rim, in 1981. The metal is aluminum, with the initials "L.SCO-S.F."

Rivet Levi's 501

For the outer rivet Which is a piece that makes Levi's jeans strong and durable to this day Will be made of copper Beautiful and classic.

Levi's 501 Selvage red line

From the image above shows that Levi 501 jeans have a white fabric band (Selvage) for red braided lines (red line).

Levi's 501 Selvage fade

Levi's 501 jeans, red line that was produced in the 80s, That gives beauty when washing or using for a long time. Will cause a fade, the pattern of the fabric is a small grain of sand As beautiful as in the picture and Levi's 501 jeans on the red line side will have the fading of the seam, sharp pants, beautiful in a straight line. We are often called fade trains it look very beautiful.