Levi's 501 with Button numbers 501 or not.

Classic problem for a long time. For Levi's 501 Jeans, and button number 501  is very controversial with the popular Levi 501 vintage jeans. In this article, I will let you know if Jeans Levi's Button No. 501 is true.

Levi's 501 has a button number 501 in the directory really. There were jeans from Levi's 501 from the mid-1980s to early 1990s, when some American factories were shutting down. The number on the button is the code of the Levi's jeans location for the pin code on the 501 button. I do not have enough data to indicate which factory in America. But certainly that is. Made in the United States certainly.

There are many problems in mind that is one. There are jeans Levi's button number 501, which has a detailed pattern before the 80s, jeans are not genuine Levi is produced in America? First of all, I let everyone know the details of Levi's jeans 501 buttons number 501. Before that there are details to remember. All photos are my pants. It was taken to see it.

Levi's 501 jeans are old jeans in 1987, new condition, solid fabric. We have a 501 number on the back of the button. The numbers are literal. A very thin line And the groove must be the same size. And when the image is enlarged, it can be seen that the number is a trace that is not smooth in the groove of the letter. That's because the Marking Machine is not caused by the press. Or to the letter as it was in the past.

button 501
The 501 will be roughly the same size.
กระดุมหมายเลข 501
Button number 501 (enlarge)


Marking Machine 

Jeans Levi 501 button number 501 this jeans "Non Selvedge"

ลีวายส์ 501 ริมโพ้ง
Levi's  501 Non Selvedge

Levi's 501 jeans the button number 501. The patch shown in the alphabet is sign that still has black ink. CARE INSTRUCTION INSIDE GARMENT

ป้ายปะเก็นลีวายส์ 501
The patch levi's 501

Jeans Levi 501 the button number 501 this is the red tab (Levi's) is a non big E.

ลีวายส์ 501 เรดแท็ป
Levi's 501 Red Tab

This is the care instruction label of the Levi's 501 jeans, the manufacture 7 months 1987.

ป้ายแคร์ ลีวายส์ 501
Care instruction tag of Levi's 501

From the details above. Jeans Levi 501 buttons number 501 this is genuine, but I can not clearly conclude that. Button in number 501 began in which year and end what year?

Fake 501 Numbers.

Let's see the details. Jeans Levi 501 buttons number 501 fake.

It is immediately apparent that the font 501 of fake will be bolder and bigger than the genuine one. Notice in the groove. It's not the same. Because of the number of pressing. Weight is not equal.

กระดุมเลข 501 ปลอม
button no. 501 fake.

Counterfeit goods are packed with heavy leather (imitation) trademark. It mimics the old vintage.

The patch Levi's 501 fake.

The fake vintage LEVI'S Big E will sell more than usual.

ป้ายเรดแท็ป บิ๊กอี ปลอม
Red tab Big E fake.

The Levi's 501 fake has the rivets hidden.

ลีวายส์เป็กซ่อน ปลอม
The Levi's Rivets hidden fake.

Counterfeit labels are not genuine like anything from America. But the number is 501, but the number is 555. Of course. The jeans that are number 555 may be have a fake.

ป้ายแคร์ลีวายส์ ปลอม
Care instruction tag fake.

Levi's 501 the number 501 on the back button.

  1. 501 on the back must be the slim (caused by Mark machine).
  2. Jeans about year 180xs - 199xs
  3. Not jeans vintage (LEVI'S) big E.
  4. Not Levi's 501 selvedge (Red line) or other edge.
  5. Not has the rivets hidden.
  6. Not has the back belt.
  7. Not has the leather patch.

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