Levi’s 502 

        We know enough about the jeans that "LEVI'S" Why is the code "501" at the end, which means. Lot. The first production in May (5) and is the best fabric. Received from the fabric. This article is about LEVI'S jeans "Levi's 502", but it does not mean that. Lot. The second production in the fifth month like LEVI'S 501.

      Before referring to the LEVI'S 502 code, I would like to return to the LEVI'S 501 a little in the production of LEVI'S 501 jeans that began production in May (5) in 1873. In the early days, LEVI'S jeans would be used. Copper for Button Fly and Rivet and gradually change the studs and rivets to silver metal. Or may be mixed together. Copper and silver metal when producing jeans LEVI'S 501 at time to remove trousers. I need to release the button. And when the production goes on. There is a new technology that is "zipper" (Zip Fly), which is a zipper pants are very popular in Europe. And east america The zip closure will fit snugly into the shape of the trousers, so LEVI'S will not miss the opportunity and get the LEVI'S 501XX jeans zip code "LEVI'S 501ZXX". In 1954 (Z stands for Zipper), it is still a sign of leather and the ears are slender. The back is considered the first LEVI'S Zipper.

LEVI'S 502

        The "LEVI'S 502XX" was born in 1902, but still has the same "LEVI'S 501XX" as it was in the 1950s. Big waist The buttons in that era are donut buttons. The first will have a bouquet of olives and small buttons. To be a smooth donut. Backpack with paint, pinstripe and no pegs on small pockets. Since the war was to reduce the cost of raw materials up to 1947, the production line used the code "LEVI'S 502SXX", so the customer has to be painful between "501 and 502". It is different than the size of the big waist. Than usual During this time, the LEVI'S 502XX and LEVI'S 502SXX (S stands for Spacial) were produced in conjunction with the "LEVI'S 501XX and LEVI'S 501SXX" until 1954. That's where the LEVI'S 501XX zipper came in. With jeans code LEVI'S 501ZXX (Z stands for Zipper) 



Then, in the second season of 1955, the "LEVI'S 501ZXX" (Zipper) was changed from a plaid label to a glove label with Every Garment Guaranteed label on the middle of the 501ZXX label, like a leather label (for LEVI'S 502XX). It's still like LEVI'S 501XX)

LEVI'S 502

The 3rd period of change occurred in 1957-1963. The gasket was not labeled "Every Garment Guaranteed" on the label. But still behind the ears and have the same Lot 501ZXX (LEVI'S 502XX is still the same as LEVI'S 501XX)

LEVI'S 502


In the fourth year of 1966-1971, LEVI'S 501ZXX changed its name to LEVI'S 502-0117. This change of name has nothing to do with the jeans LEVI'S 501ZXX original zip it. This is a clear distinction between LEVI'S 501 and LEVI'S 502. The 501 code is a button. If the Levi's 502 is a zipper (Zipper)

LEVI'S 502

In the years 1971-1976, the Red Tab (LEVI'S, "Big E" was Levi's), and after 1976 no Levi's 502-0117 was produced.


LEVI'S 502 is a LEVI'S 501, Straight, and Button Fly. The Levi's 501ZXX, which was designed as a zipper or Zip Fly, was renamed Levi's 502-0117 (Zip Fly). ) Will have problems with zip panties. It's not like Button Fly for the Levi's 502-0117. The last line ended in 1976, after which the LEVI'S 502 would be the LVC. Levi's Vintage Clothing)

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