Levi's 501 Selvedge "e" number 6

Levi's 501 red tab buttons No. 6 is divided into periods of time and time. It has many details that people play Levi's 501. Selling profit. What you know? Levi's 501 Red tab "e" Button 6

Levi's 501 vintage 1974
Levi's 501 Selvedge vintage 1974

Jeans are vintage. We have been divided into several eras. Each of them will have a history of interest. For vintage jeans collectors

Levi's red tab Big E
Levi's 501 Selvedge red tab Big E Back pocket sew Single

In 1971, Levi's registered the "red tab" of the old red tab the capitalization "LEVI'S" (Big E) change the lowercase letter "Levi's" (e). The jeans "LEVI'S" (Big E) had to disappear from production belts in 1970. Then in 1971, a new production line The "Red Tab" sign is a lowercase letter, "Levi's" (e), but the "Selvedge" seam is still in place. Along with the "Single" (the back of the bag). The corner of the back pocket is a black bar tacks and the back button fly will pin number 6 with the number of the button is the code. This is Levi's one of the oldest factories in the United States. We will divide into 2 periods for the number 6 Levi's 501 red teb "e" type.


Levi's red tab
Levi's red tab (e)
Levi's 501 e ??????????????????? Single
Levi's 501 type "e" sew Single

1971-1977 buttons fly on the mark No. 6 was stamped on the top button. "Levi's" jeans Red tab, Selvedge,black bar in 1971-1977, which is a unique "BigE". "Levi's" is not the "BigE". This denim is a denim that has changed. "Red Tab" should be worth the accumulation. For vintage Jeans collectors.

Back button mark 6

1978-1985 was the last. After 1977, Levi's production line changed some. That is the seam of the back pocket is a "chain" is not a "single" anymore, but still the same red. This era will only be produced in 1978-1985.

Levi's 501 ??????????
Levi's 501 e small type sew chain

So if we find Jeans "Levi's selvedge" is not "LEVI'S Big E" when we see the top buttons. If we find that. Mark 6 button to try to turn the bag behind the pants. The "Levi's 501 Red Tab" is a 1971-1977 (single-sew) sewing or 1978- 1985 (chain sew) there.

Levi's 501 ??????
Levi's 501 Selvedge



Button Mark 6.
Levi's 501 "Selvedge"
"Single sew.
Black bar tacks on the back pocket.
Tag Care Instruction Hot Start ... Hot End ... Shrink Approximately 8%
"Red Tab" replaces "LEVI'S" as "Levi's".
Denim matt.

Button mark 6
Levi's 501 "Selvedge".
Sew chain.
Black bar tacks on the back pocket.
Tag Care Instruction Hot Start ... Hot Start ... Shrink Approx 10%
"Red Tab" is a small print "Levi's".

Note: Button number 6 is also found on the non selvedge. The transition to the selvedge with the same.

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