Levi's 501 non-selvedge first! 1983

At one point of Levi's Jeans, Levi's jeans lovers must remember many to this day. That was when Jeans Levi's selvedge halted production in 1983, and after that, the regular Levi's jeans changed to jeans. "Levi's 501 non-selvedge "

Levi's 501 non-selvedge

The reason is that the machine used to selvedge. It is an old fashioned machine weaving a narrow face. When to produce jeans. It is not enough to sell. And during this year, the new machinery. Can weave wider. Levi's halted production of "Levi's selvedge" and turned out to be "Levi's 501 non-selvedge".

Levi's 501 non-selvedge 

From the above picture, you see this seam, called Levi's 501 non-selvedge, which in 1983 will use brown yarn to the fabric non-selvedge. The two sides are not the non-selvedge in the picture.


Jeans Levi's 501, 1983, of course, is a standard cylinder legs straight, but will fit into the wearer. The back pocket is small. This fabric is Levi's fabric Shrink to fit. Shrinkage after washing approximately 10%

Levi's 501 paper tag

Paper tag guarantee The cardboard is light yellow. Plain paper tag.

Levi's 501 non-selvedge

For sewing straight in the legs of the pants. It is sewn with a single brown thread like Jeans Levi's selvedge, which Jeans Levi's 501 non-selvedge in the coming days, will sew the seams in pairs. The blue thread again.

levi's 501 patch

The Levi's 501 Jeans non-selvedge branded glove box is printed in black ink. Care instruction inside garment is still a form of Levi's selvedge Jeans.

Levi's 501 paper tag

Paper label guarantee And paper labels identify the elements. The jeans are still attached to the back pocket. Along with the Red Tab.

Levi's 501 rivet

Rivet on the front is copper. Acronym L.S. & C.O.-S.F.

Levi's 501 rivet

Stainless steel rivets made of aluminum. The anchor of the axle remains firmly anchored.

Levi's button fly

Button Fly The button is silver metal.

Top buttons It is bigger than any other grain. Is a silver plated metal With age. The coating to peel off some time.

Levi's back button

The number that is stamped on the back of the three studs is 653, which identifies the location of the jeans. In the USA This number must match the care tag. In the pants.

Levi's care instruction tag

The Care Instruction Caretick will have the key number listed as 501 as the model number.

Levi's care instruction tag

No. 11 is produced in 11 months, which is the end of the year. Levi's fabric is reddish from the stock. So we started to wear cloth. This is the first batch this month.

No. 83 was produced in 1983. This year, there are also red jeans produced. But at the end of the year, some factories began to produce jeans. Levi's 501 jeans.

Number 653 is a production location code in the United States. This must match the number that is pegged behind the button.

No other sand is offline. Unfortunately with.

The image on the other side of the label will indicate how to wash. And the properties of the fabric to shrink about 10%. The size of the W31 L29 must match with the gasket on the back.

Levi's 501

Levi's 501 Jeans, 1983 Levi's 501 Jeans, produced at the time of the selvedge. Too So, the tailoring elements are loosely coupled with Levi's selvedge produced this year. I do not have a selvedge. And more importantly, it is. There is still evidence. Denim jeans were manufactured in 1983 in some factories that used to sew bar tag. With Black Swimsuit Same as selvedge. The production line was stopped in 1983.

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