Levi's factory code list stamp button.
Levi's factory code list stamp button.

The code isn't secret! Includes factory code, stamped on the back of Levi's buttons.

Levi's jeans are considered old jeans. of a world that has standards and specifications that make many new jeans brands take it as a model for their jeans development. And one symbol of Levi's jeans that many people are very interested in is the number stamped on the back of the top button. What exactly do these numbers show and indicate?

ป้ายแคร์ยีนส์ Levi's รุ่นเก่า
Old Levi's jeans care label indicating production in the 11th month of 1974, button code number 6, production factory in the United States.


Numbers and letters It is stamped on the back of the top button of Levi's jeans, no matter what model it is. It will be found that most of the numbers are stamped on the back of the top button. (There are no number stamps available. May skip steps in the production process.)

Some people think it's a stamped code number. To prevent counterfeiting But it is a part If you think so But the truth is.

The numbers stamped on the Levi's buttons are production codes in each factory that produces Levi's jeans.

If we consider the code behind the button Must confirm again By looking at the "Care instruction Tag" sewn onto the inside seam of the jeans.

Code number on the back of the button and the number on the Care Installation Tag must match.

Let's try to see. The numbers you see are factory codes in which countries?

That's enough for me to gather like this. There may not be all of them, but I'll try to update them all.

No. Made in Button Stamp Number Levi's Factory code list.

2, 4, 6, 8, 16, 18, 23, 501, 511, 512, 515, 520, 522,

524, 524M, 525, 532, 544, 546, 546M, 552,

553, 554, 555, 558, 643, 653, 777, 4170, 4420

2 Argentina  
3 Bangladesh 4582
4 Bulgaria   
5 Brazil 662
6 Cambodia 5019
7 Canada 216
8 China 3496
9 Colombia 689
10 Dominican 333, 333M
11 Egypt 3757, 4985, 4757
12 El Salvador   
13 England 299, 211
14 France 275
15 Guatemala 324
16 Haiti 267, 4384, 4355
17 Hungary 252
18 Honduras  
19 India  
20 Indonesia 3245
21 Italy  
22 Japan J02, J22, J39, J38
23 Kenya  
24 Korea K37, K91, K
25 Lesotho 450, 499, 3405
26 Madagascar  
27 Malaysia   
28 Mauritius  
29 Mexico 104, 493, 647, 4001, 4032, 4093, 4090
30 Morocco   
31 Nicaragua  
32 Pakistan P44, 8520
33 Peru   
34 Philippines 359
35 Portugal   
36 Poland 273
37 Romania   
38 Spain 295
39 South Africa   
40 Sri Lanka  
41 Taiwan   
42 Thailand T15
43 Tunisia T27
44 Turkey T01, 034, 3813, 4016, 4896
45 Uruguay  
46 Vietnam V23,V



How to check to know which country your jeans are manufactured in?

  1. Look at the care instruction tag. Inside the edge of jeans for newly produced Levi's Original jeans. There will be letters indicating Made in, whatever it is. It will also have the manufacturing plant's code number listed on it. We then see if it matches the number on the button or not.
  2. If it's old Levi's jeans, we'll see a care construction tag on the inside seam of the jeans. There will be a manufacturing plant code number. Matches the number stamped behind the top button.


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