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The code is not confidential ! Code behind the Levi's button

Levi's Jeans are old jeans. The world-class standards and unique to make. New generation jeans. Must be connected to many brands and one of the symbols of Levi's jeans that many people are very interested in, that is the numbers on the back of the button. These figures show and indicate what exactly?

button levi's 501 # 6

Levi's 501 Button number 6


Care instruction laber of Levi's : Made in USA November 1974
Care instruction label Levi's 501 Jeans (Made in the USA November 1974)

The numbers and characters stamped on Levi's jeans can be seen. Some people think that this code is used to prevent counterfeiting.
But it is not wrong to think so The truth is that the Levi's numeric keypad is the identification code for Levi's jeans factory. The "care instruction label" inside the jeans has a number indicating that it must match the number on the back of the button.
Try to see the number you see is the manufacturer's country code. I have gathered it here.

There may be some numbers that I didn't specify. Because I have not seen it at jeans or may be found at the jacket


No. Made in Code button stamp numbers
1 Thailand T15


524,524M, 525,532,544,546,546M, 552,


3 Turkey T01,034,3813,4016,4896
4 Tunisia T27
5 Japan  J02, J22, J39, J38
6 Pakistan  P44,8520
7 Korea  K37, K91, K
8 Vietnam  V23, V
9 Canada  216
10 Hungary   252
11 Haiti  267,4384
12 Poland  273
13 France   275
14 Spain  295
15 England  299,211
16 Guatemala  324
17 Dominican 333,333M
18 Philippines 359
19 Lesotho 450,499,3405
20 Brazil 662
21 Colombia 689
22 Indonesia 3245
23 China 3496
24 Egypt 3757
25 Bangladesh 4582
26 Mexico 104,493,647,4001,4032,4093