Levi’s 501 Selvage Bar Tag!

Usually Levi’s 501 jeans selvage, many of which have been worn, must know that "Black bar tag". At the top corner of the back pocket  Even Levi’s 501 jeans that are not selvage red line. During the overlapping period of change, from 1983 on wards, non selvage. We also found a non selvage red line "black bar tag". Can be found less Therefore considered a rare jeans as well.

But the Levi’s 501 jeans on the selvage red line use the orange Bar Tag. Orange yarn In the corner of the back pocket. You are not familiar with the details like this, right? We will often find the golden orange bar tag. With Levi’s 501 jeans on the sides (Non Selvage)Let's see the details of this Levi 501.

ริมแดง บาร์แท็กสีส้ม

This Levi's 501 jeans Is a selvage red line. Can see from the seam that reveals The selvage of the band is inserted with a red yarn on the inside of the red line. That many people dream of That someday (with enough money) to buy and possess.

ริมแดง บาร์แท็ก

When we considered this red Levi’s 501 jeans and wanted to know that This jeans It is the jeans that produced during the year. And how old it is, must look at the care instruction label attached to the inside of the jeans At the edge of the seam, near the bag on the left hand side, it will be a small sheet of paper. Some people call the stamp label, which will tell you how to care for jeans and tell the model, size, size, production location and production month.



This is care instruction label of Levi's 501 for the selvage red line.

But I was unlucky with this 501 Levi jeans by living until the traces of the letter faded almost all the way to the other side. I didn't find any traces.

I try to search and remember that the care instruction label is like this. I kept it as a stock-dead jeans with something to compare.



Care instruction label like this, he called the long size care instruction label. (Non selvage)

Based on the information I inquired from the old Levi's guru, he said that this type of care label is called "Long size care instruction label" as seen in the years 1984-1985 above (if available, see). For example, the image above is "32256 4 20755 C". The only 4 digits are the meanings of the year. 1984 if number 5 is the year of production 1985

If this group is not found Because it faded away Like this red rimmed jeans Can predict that The jeans were produced during the years 1984-1985.

กระดุม 555

When able to predict the production year Then take the pants to see what buttons that nailed the number.
Found that the back button number 555 is produced at Valencia St. CA USA.
But I must be shocked! In the corner of the back pocket Normally, selvage red line jeans, I will find a black bar tag but this is strange. That saw the orange bar tag It's like a denim jeans non selvage. It's a very interesting thing for me. In addition to the long size care instruction label Is not the same as the normal selvage red line found The bar tag is also orange.


Levi's 501 selvage red line In the past, many people like each other very much. The black stitching thread, even though it is a pair of used jeans Can be proud See where to buy. Because it's rare Until he listened to the words of the seniors who played jeans before. Red Rim Jeans Or rim jeans Which is the orange bar. Leading to change The orange tag bar is black bar tag. Because it can be sold at a higher price. Orange tag bar This is one point that buyers have to consider well.

But for my own personal Selvage red line. This orange tag bar is considered a rare jeans as well. According to my thoughts I saw more of the black-rimmed red border, while non selvage saw more orange bar tag than this black bar tag.