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Levi's 20505-0217

Levi's 20505 details not to be missed!

Jeans Levi's 20505-0217 was produced in 1986. Now it's older than some people are reading this article. This jeans is the old jeans kept in stock to date. But the condition is still new and looks great. So I took a picture to see the beautiful details of jeans Levi's 20505-0217 this one.

Red Wing shoes 8884

Red Wing 8884 for the real "hunter"

Leather shoes that I like to wear with one of the most jeans, Red Wing Shoes, are American shoes. With a history of over a hundred years And American soldiers have worn through the world war both times Is a shoe that still retains the traditional manufacturing technology without much change Combined with good machinery So we get Red Wing Shoes for us to wear.

Red Wing 8282 100th Anniversary

Red Wing 8282 100th Anniversary

In 2005, Red Wing Shoes celebrated 100 years after the establishment of Red Wing Shoes on February 10, 1905. Considered a shoe that has a history of over a hundred years. Starting from shoes for hunters, miners, industrial workers, agricultural workers and livestock. Until the fashion era. Red Wing shoes still maintain original production standards and develop in some ways until today.

Major changes in 2 horse logo

Major changes in 2 horses logo.

There are many people who have never noticed that Levi's jeans have "brown" patches that changed from the original. The trademark "2 Horses" that we are familiar with for a long time until I do not remember how it changed. This time I have pictures of changes. These two horses come to watch. In the past, if you notice well Will find that these two horses are completely different.


LVC 1954 LEVI’S 501ZXX, the first zip of Levi's

Levi’s 501 jeans have a history of over 100 years. During the past years there have been many developments and changes. Levi’s 501 is truly a history of jeans.LVC 1954 “LEVI'S VINTAGE CLOTHING” Which was a retro production in the year 1954. We came to see the details and specials of this model jeans.

Levi's 501 selvage bar tag

Levi’s 501 Selvage Bar Tag!

Usually Levi’s 501 jeans selvage, many of which have been worn, must know that "Black bar tag". At the top corner of the back pocket  Even Levi’s 501 jeans that are not selvage red line. During the overlapping period of change, from 1983 on wards, non selvage. We also found a non selvage red line "black bar tag". Can be found less Therefore considered a rare jeans as well.

Red Tab & Orange Tab

LEVI'S ® Red Tab with Orange Tab (Red Tab VS Orange Tab)

It is very small. It's smaller than your fingernails. But it stands out as elegant. Clear With a piece of cloth One that contrasts with jeans or jeans, it not only indicates the expertise of a quality brand like LEVI'S.

A piece of red cloth. Classic style attached to the back pocket on the right. It is a symbol of Levi's ®, who will always know the pieces. It is a very powerful mark of the world's leading brands like Levi's.