How to look at label care instruction for levi's jeans.

Care instructions Jeans Levi's. The care instruction is small tags This piece has an indication of the origin of the Levi's jeans that miraculously. But many people have never known before. What is listed on the label? What does this mean?

Some care labels are called care instruction because it is a small white rectangular piece of paper with black letters and numbers printed. Stitched to the seams on the inside, Levi's jeans left hand close to the bag, pants pocket. One side of the label will indicate how to clean the jeans and caution. 10% shrinkage of STF fabric and waist and length of jeans.

For the care tag on one side, there are many in the code group. Levi's Levi's label indicates that labeling care is very important to see Levi's jeans are real or fake because labels are made in USA. Levi's selvedge (red line) fake can not imitate similar or similar labels. Let's see the labels better.

This care instruction label. I bring to watch this. Levi's "small e" the production the years 1971-1983 and the Levi's Jeans were worn in the 1983-1990 range. All Made in USA.


Jeans Denim Jeans "Selvedge red line" Made in America, 1971-1983 Position of various groups. The picture above.

The red circle on the model is 501.

Blue circle The month of production is shown as month 5 (November).

Yellow circle The year of production is based on the year 1983. In this section, some people may argue that OO! Is not it 3 or 3, is not it 1973 or 1993? It is a wonderful argument. But we have the answer that in 1973, "Jeans Levi's selvedge" is a red line Jeans single (How to look). Singles jeans I have to go to the back of my pocket. If you see the sew a single thread, it is 1973, but if it is sewing the back of the chain is 1983, if it is not red line. It must be 1993

A green circle enter the code for the place of manufacture in the United States and seal it on the back of the button. I have to look at the buttons on it to match.

We look at the image of Levi's jeans every year better than offline. Details of the image below.

Jeans Levi's Selvedge and see the red tab is the small e

Single sewin in Bag (Look at the back pocket)

Model 501 produced in November (November) 1974 Made in USA USA


ป้ายแคร์ลีวายส์ปี 1974
Levi's Jeans (selvedge), year 1974 , month 11, and the button stamp number 6.

The details of the next care instruction label are:

Jeans Levi's selvedge. Red Tab "e" and sewing chain in the back pocket.

Model 501 Made in May (May) 1977 Made in USA (This piece was slightly confused. Because of the number 6 and number 7 alternately, the number 6 button should last. But back to position 2 here I look at the button No. 6 No. 7, so number 7 must be 1977.

ป้ายแคร์ลีวายส์ปี 1977
Jeans Levi's Jeans (selvedge), 1977, month 5, buttons 6
ป้ายแคร์ลีวายส์ปี 1978
Selvedge, 1978, 10th, Button 6
ป้ายแคร์ลีวายส์ปี 1979
Selvedge 1979 ,6th, Button 6
ป้ายแคร์ลีวายส์ปี 1980
Selvedge 1980, Month 1, Button 6
ป้ายแคร์ลีวายส์ปี 1981
Selvedge 1981,10th, button 524
ป้ายแคร์ลีวายส์ปี 1982
Selvedge 1982, 7th, Button 524
ป้ายแคร์ลีวายส์ปี 1983
Selvedge 1983, 5th, button 524

Selvedge came to an end in 1983. This is because in 1983, Levi's began to use Denim fabric wide. Red line production declined until production stopped in 1983-1985.

Levi's start non selvedge on the year 1983 until now. Let's see that when the pattern is sewn. The label of Levi's Jeans is different from jeans on the selvedge?

From the image of the Levi's jeans label below. The jeans are Levi's Edge. We can see that the label is different from Levi's jeans on the selvedge, with a group of two digits (11) I do not know what the numbers are. This group is in front of the month number, the production month, and the year of manufacture, followed by a number.

ป้ายแคร์ลีวายส์ปี 1983
Non Selvedge year 1983,8th, button 653 
ป้ายแคร์ลีวายส์ปี 1986
Non selvedge , 1986, 3rd, button 515
ป้ายแคร์ลีวายส์ปี 1987
Non selvedge, 1987, 7th ,button 501
ป้ายแคร์ลีวายส์ปี 1990
Non selvedge, 1990 ,6th, button 552 
ป้ายแคร์ลีวายส์ปี 1992
Non selvedge, 1992,  11th , button 552

For the label jeans jeans Levi's. It will change the format and location. By the time we have to follow the pattern of the label Levi's each age. What is the name of the current Levi's label? There are many pieces, plus a long, multi-language stitches, the position is changed to the inner edge of the pants. Everybody should study.

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