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How to see the care label of the year 70s Levi's

How to look at the care label of Levi's jeans.

Originally, Levi's 501 jeans do not have care labels attached to the inside of jeans as they are today. Identifying the details of jeans and how to take care, it uses a small amount of text to print on the inside of the jeans pocket. Which was found to be printed on the bag in the last year is 1972-1973. That means 1973 is the first year in the use of care instruction labels or someone called care tag.We come to see the details better. Just have a photo in 1974.

Care instruction label Levi's 1986-1987

How to see Levi's care label 1986-1987

Levi's Care label (Care instruction label) Is part that many people use to see To determine whether the Levi's jeans are genuine or fake and which country? What production year? But it is only one component. Because sometimes Levi's jeans, especially secondhand Maintenance care labels often disappear. For this article, you will be able to watch the care labels of Levi's jeans produced during the years 1986-1987.

Levi's 501 USA 1986 really

How to see Levi's 501 USA 1986 really?

Jeans Levi's 501 is a popular jeans from around the world. With a lot of popularity there are businessmen who make fake jeans Levi's 501. To sell the race with the copyright owner. Especially jeans. Jeans Big E and red line.

How to see Levi's 501 Selvage real 1974?

How to see Levi's 501 Selvedge 1974 ?

Levi's 501 red jeans are still something that many people want today, until the Levi's company has produced LVC to meet the needs of this group of customers in particular. But many people are still fascinated with the Levi's 501 jeans, the old red line is no less And Levi's 501 old-fashioned red jeans There will be counterfeits for a long time.

Care instruction Levi's

How to look at label care instruction for levi's jeans.

Care instructions Jeans Levi's. The care instruction is small tags This piece has an indication of the origin of the Levi jeans that miraculously. But many people have never known before. What is listed on the label? What does this mean?

Levi's Single

How to consider Levi's single?

There are questions from many people who have followed and sponsored the site Jeans forever (please be here). The question is, "Levi's singles look?" Today I Let's take a picture. The point of the Levi's jeans "single" to see it offline.

How to Choose Levi's Jeans?

What Levi's jeans are right for you?

Levi's jeans many people wonder that he brought to online sale in the second hand jeans. Why is it so expensive to sell? In the store or in the Shop Levi's new, it is not expensive. Sometimes there are promotions to buy 1 get 1, then he sold it to sell it. Why is it that it is expensive to old and old, some of the old fashioned to lose the whole thing. The price is still thousands to the main ten thousand, but I have to buy it again.